Unique “Split Lid” for 4-wheeled containers

Unique “Split Lid” for 4-wheeled containers

Our product development team have been busy! This is the first of two pieces of news we’re able to share with you this month which reflect ESE World’s position as experts and leaders in the world of sustainable waste management services and solutions.

Split-Lid-Flexi_01Our 80 years’ experience and knowledge of markets and our customers’ needs really is second to none.  It’s that understanding, along with our commitment to both resource and product efficiency, which results in continuous enhancements to our product range. New ideas are always tested for feasibility with regard to products and processes. Concepts are drawn up, samples produced, computer simulations reconstruct product use scenarios… we think of everything!  So when a product is ready for release, we know it’ll deliver exactly what’s required, brilliantly, in full compliance with sustainability and environmental requirements.

This week, at #IFAT2016 in Munich, we unveiled our new (and unique) SPLIT LID for the 1100 litre 4-wheel container. We’ve taken the lid-in-lid concept and re-engineered it to pretty much eradicate the risk of damage to lids and hinges which exists with all other products on the market.

In practical use, the lids of 1100 litre containers frequently collide with the compression mechanism of collection vehicles. Residual waste in the hopper can also come into contact with lids. The consequence is often damage to lids and hinges.

The Split Lid, with its flexible front element which can hinge in either direction, is at a significant advantage here: it simply gives way, in either direction! Fracture of the lid or damage to the body hinge is practically impossible. This video shows how. As well as reduced maintenance costs then, the risk of accidents due to damaged bins is also significantly reduced. Other benefits include:

  • Easier to open due to ergonomics of smaller front lid
  • Quieter opening and closing
  • Fewer problems with lids remaining open
  • Greater stock-keeping efficiency due to exchangeable front lid in 5 different colours

All in all, this 1100 litre with SPLIT LID innovation offers an excellent and more economic alternative to the 1100 l round lid container.

Detailed product data sheet and brochure available to download here.