The Internet of Bins Just Got Smarter

The Internet of Bins Just Got Smarter

This article first appeared online in Building Specification magazine’s Street Furniture eBulletin on 28th October.

Until now, so-called ‘smart bins’ have been intelligent, but you could say lacking in common sense. Clear benefits in some aspects have been diminished by disadvantages in others. ESE World’s Clean Cube, the most recent major addition to the company’s extensive portfolio of street furniture, changes that.

The Clean Cube is designed to provide a truly intelligent waste management solution for high footfall areas. This clever compacting bin uses solar energy to power both a built-in sensor that detects when the bin is ‘full’, and at that point, the compaction device it triggers. Compaction not only increases capacity, it also prevents overflow, so improving the cleanliness of the immediate environment. Once at absolute capacity, the sensor also alerts the operator that its contents are ready for collection.

The benefits of this smart waste solution from an operational perspective are many: The intuitive linked software means Clean Cube bins are easy to manage and maintain. Because Clean Cubes can hold up to eight times more rubbish or recyclables than their empty volume, fewer collections are necessary. Additionally, the alert that’s sent when capacity is reached reduces the need for manual checking and handling, and does away with costly and unnecessary collection trips. A helpful route planning tool makes route optimisation a reality, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Overall, waste collection costs are reduced by up to 85%.

But what good are operational savings if they’re only achievable with an upfront outlay in costly specialist collection equipment?

The Clean Cube Advantage

ad2This is where the Clean Cube stands apart from other compacting bins: The smart steel casing is designed to house a standard wheelie bin which means zero additional investment. Clean Cube has the edge from the user point of view too; a pedal device or open aperture removes any hygiene concerns that a handle might raise. ESE World’s smart waste solution provides more choice by offering all three options.

The Clean Cube is particularly well suited to high footfall areas like shopping malls/retail parks, leisure and transport hubs and university/college campuses, where overflowing bins, irregular fill patterns and disruptive waste collection can be especially problematic. Case studies show the unexpected result of improved spend in areas where the bins are installed. And who isn’t grateful for a free WiFi hotspot if it’s on offer?

And as if substantial cost savings weren’t enough, because Clean Cubes come with three advertising panel options – plain, backlit LED and now, LCD – there’s the possibility of a lucrative income stream for owners.

We are very pleased to add Clean Cube to our product offering,” said Dave Hughes, MD of ESE World Ltd. “This bin offers a multitude of benefits, by harnessing free solar energy and utilising digital technology it will help to streamline and improve waste management processes. Plus there is a huge potential for it to generate a revenue stream from advertising, used effectively one or a series of Clean Cubes could eventually pay for themselves.


With its 80 year history, reputation for quality, experience and innovation and strong sustainability agenda, it’s easy to see how ESE World continue to earn their position as Europe’s leading manufacturer of temporary storage systems for waste and recyclables.

Clean Cube is available in two sizes, 120l and 240l, exclusively through ESE.

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