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Galvanised Steel Bins
Features & Benefits
  1. With vertical deep pressed reinforcements (Reinforcement-on-Reinforcement), to guarantee buckle/distortion free surfaces, from overloading & lifting devices.
  2. Two robust hinges, that can also be used to manoeuvre the container.
  3. Range of lid options (injection, roto-moulded, Lid-in-Lid, Lightweight metal).
  4. Optional side lifting trunnions.
  5. Corner reinforcements, from 2.5mm steel.
  6. Optional heavy duty Pedal for lid opening.
  7. Fully and continuously seam welded, externally and internally.
  8. Manufactured from high quality, Cold rolled (EN10204), deep pressed sheet steel, in three (3) main parts (front, back & base).
  9. Top rim made from 2.0mm extra reinforced U section, with integrated comb-lift bar, with RFID chipnest acc. to EN 14803.
  10. Powder coated paint finishes available in a number of RAL colours.
ESE Galvanised Steel Bins
Certified to EN840-2/5/6
Manufactured from high quality, cold rolled (according to EN 10204: 2004), deep pressed sheet steel, of appropriate design, from three (3) main parts (front side, back side & bottom), to ensure stability and resistance to mechanical stresses. Manufactured from five (5) main parts. Too many welds on the body, could cause risk of stability and resistance to mechnical stresses.
With vertical deep pressed body reinforcements, to guarantee buckle/distortion free surfaces, from overloading & bin lifting device forces. With horizontal body reinforcements. As the forces from the bin lifting devices are also horizontal, the bin surface, is vulnerable to mechanical stresses.
Fully and continuously seam welded (from Certified welders), externally and internally. 100% corrosion free guarantee, between steel sheet overlapping, externally and internally. Internally welded and only spotwelded externally. Big gaps between steel sheets. Risk of corrosion & dirt inside the gaps.
Corner protection plate reinforcements, from 2.5mm steel. No corner reinforcements. Bin vulnerable to mechanical stresses.
Side DIN trunnions, welded. Side DIN trunnions, bolted. The bolts can become loose, from vibrations to the container, during operation.
Top rim, made from 2.0mm, extra reinfroced U section, with integrated Comb-lift bar (Frontal Receiver) Tube frame offers less rigitity to the container, than reinforced U section.
1100 litre capacity (as shown in diagram)
660 litre capacity also available


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