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Solar Powered Compacting Bins
A solar powered compacting bin for use in all densely populated areas.

ESE Clean Cube

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The Clean Cube is the perfect solution for efficient, cost saving, environmental waste management.
Solar Powered
The Clean Cube can be installed anywhere there is sufficient natural light to power the unit so no external power source is required.

Powerful Waste Compaction

The Clean Cube has a built in sensor that records when waste reaches the fill level and automatically starts the compaction process. This compaction process means that the bin holds up to 8 times more waste, meaning that the bin needs emptying less often and prevents rubbish overflow.

Smart Communication System

Not only does the unit power and control itself, it also communicates with you. Telling you if there are any technical issues and when its full. This means that not only do you have to empty it less often but you can plan emptying of all Clean Cubes in the most efficient manner.

Convenient Features

The Clean Cube accepts a standard wheelie bin, making emptying as easy as possible. It also features a backlit LED or plain advertising panel so that it can act as a revenue stream by taking advertising placements. The unit comes with a hand and fire detector for added safety and has an ashtray neatly embedded.

Economic Benefits

  • 8 times more capacity results in fewer collection trips and reduced operational costs by up to 85%
  • Reduced work load from efficient collection planning
  • Saved labour and time can be utilised for other tasks

Environmental Benefits

  • Eliminate waste overflow
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Utilises renewable natural energy

Social Benefits

  • Raise public awareness of utilising renewable energy
  • Improve street sanitation
  • Encourage recycling
  • Area specific data on waste volumes

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful integral compaction unit
  • Integrated solar panel
  • Integrated smart real time communication system
  • LED or plain advertising panel
  • Durable powder coated steel
  • Heavy duty locking
  • Utilises standard wheeled containers
  • Integrated safety feature – hand and fire detector
  • Easily customised vinyl wrap
The Full Cycle


The Clean Cubes durable solar panels harness the suns energy and uses sensors to continually compact the waste that is deposited in the unit. The powerful compaction increases the bin capacity by up to 700%, reducing waste collection by up to 85%.


The Clean Cube not only uses to compact it also communicates continually with you giving information on fill levels and ensuring you only collect when the bin is full.


The Clean Cube system works with you to optimise productivity. The system calculates the optimum route between all the linked bins linked ensuring that not only are bins only emptied when full but also in the most efficient order. The Clean Cube also works with standard wheeled bins meaning that they can be emptied with existing equipment.

Lower emissions

Optimising the efficiency of collections means that not only are there cost benefits but fewer collections mean lower greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions.

Cleaner Streets

The Clean Cubes increased capacity helps prevent refuse lying in the streets in busy times. Fewer visits means less congestion and interruption, making for cleaner safer streets.

Market Segments
The Clean Cube is the perfect solution for waste management in all areas where there is high footfall.
High Streets & Shopping Centres In areas where there is constant footfall throughout the week having to empty less often is a huge benefit. Not only does Clean Cube allow you to do this it also tells you when emptying is needed. The compaction process also stops the likelihood of waste spillage preventing environmental issues.
Transportation Hubs Knowing when to empty bins is key to controlling waste in transportation hubs, such as railway stations, airports, motorways service areas etc; ensuring efficient and effective waste management.
Entertainment & Theme Parks Entertainment and Theme Parks are areas where the requirements for waste management are sporadic with holiday times, weekends and good weather creating large increases in footfall and usage. Clean Cube allows managers to take control of waste management.
Offices & Educational Establishments As with other sectors there are times of the year when footfall and usage are high and others when it is not required. The information that Clean Cube offers makes it ideal in such areas.
Stadia and Sports Venues In this segment the usage is huge for short periods of time. Bins that have large capacity and give information on when they need to be emptied are perfect.

Optional features

  • GSM(GPRS) or WCDMA communication module
  • Outdoor model / Indoor model
  • General waste / Recycling bin
  • Advertisement panel on the sides
  • LED backlit panel (Size: A1, A2)
  • Draws additional source of revenue
  • 24-hour exposure
  • No backlit panel (Size: A1, A2)
  • Mounting plate
  • Bin chute handle

Technical Features

  • Compaction Force: up to 500kgf Max
  • Power consumption: 15Wh/day
  • System Voltage: 12Volts DC
  • Battery: spill-proof, sealed lead storage battery
  • CE certified
Clean Cube (H x W x L) 1449 x 613 x 775 mm Net Weight 155kg
Clean Cube (H x W x L) 1574 x 720 x 861 mm Net Weight 190kg